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Using Formulas


Download and save the Excel file to your hard disk before working on it.

In this problem, your task is to calculate the Net Profit for years 1-4.

Profit is calculated by the formula 'Revenue - Expenses'.

Your answer will go in the cells shaded as follows:

You need to enter a formula in cell B10 and then copy the formula to cells C10, D10 and E10. This is easy.

Click on cell B10 and hit the ' = ' key on your keyboard which is most likely to be 2 keys to the left of the Back Space key.

Important Point: Every formula starts with an ' = '

After you have typed the Equals ' = ', then point to and click on cell B7, then hit the Minus ' - ' key on your keyboard, then point to and click on cell B8. Then hit Enter.

You should see the formula: = B7 - B8

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