Sorting is an essential skill for working with databases constructed in MS Excel.

The illustration on the right shows some data that has been sorted according to "Account" number. The sort by Account number is in descending order (i.e. smallest at the start and biggest number at the bottom.

Although this data is sorted by Account number, it could just as easily be sorted by "Area" or "Balance" or "Age".

It is ncessary to be very careful when sorting data, as if you sort incorrectly you will, in fact, jumble all the data!

MS Excel gives you a warning if this is likely. Therefore do not rush if you get a warning on screen.

You should always remember the Undo command if you make an error.

The Sort command is found on the Excel menu by clicking on Data.

Detailed instructions and a practise workshet on how to carry out a sorting of data can be downloaded by clicking on the icon on the right.
You can see an animation by clicking on the icon to the right.




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