Building a Budget Workbook


This activity is about building a budget workbook that has multiple worksheets. Each worksheet in the workbook is developed from a quantity of information provided in the Activity Sheet (see below).

It is very important that all the worksheets in the workbook are formatted expertly so as to ensure anyone can understand the workings. You should also anticipate that the Summary Sheet and all of the supporting sheets should have a professional appearance when printed. This means thta you should have appropriate headers and footers on each worksheet.

See example of professional appearance.

Download tbe Activity Sheet "Queensland Fencing Association" and then build the MS Excel Budget Workbook using the snapsots as a help reference.

See snapshots of each worksheet below:

Component 1 - Salaries

Component 2 - Office Costs

Component 4 - Advertising

Component 3 - Admin Costs


Component 5 - Tournament Income

Component 6 - Coaching Courses

Component 7 - Membership Income

Component 8 - Government Grant


Component 9 - Merchandising


Component 10 - Other

There is no need for a worksheet for this component. Simply add all items directly into the Summary Sheet.



Make sure you used the linked worksheets technique to insert values into the summary.










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