Copy data or formulae in a cell


This is a very important and powerful feature of Microsoft Excel, and one you must learn.

The procedure to copy data or formula in a cell to neighbouring cells is as follows:



Select the cell you wish to copy by using your mouse and clicking the left mouse button.



Then click your left mouse button and hold down on the "fill handle" which is located in the bottom right corner of the cell as in the illustration on the right.

You must point exactly at the bottom right corner of the cell. The cursor will change from a white cross to a black cross when you point at the exact place.


While keeping your left mouse button down, drag downwards. You can drag downwards as many cells as you need.

You can also drag the Fill Handle to the right.

Watch instruction animation 1 and 2 on the right.


This technique using the Fill Handle is very useful for copying formulae in a cell.

Watch instruction animation 3 on the right.

Download the Excel activity and try yourself! Click on the graphic on the right.



Try this a few times to practise? Download the practise spreadsheet.


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